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A citizen, collective and transnational mobilisation

In the context of the current ecological crisis and climate emergency ;

In view of the gaps in existing law, excluding the possibility of taking into account our interdependence with other systems and living species whose good health is vital for our survival;

And in order to equip ourselves with the means to fight for the preservation of the Rhône River.


We demand the recognition of a legal personality for the Rhône River in order to defend its rights to exist, to be preserved, to regenerate, to evolve, so as to maintain and guarantee its environment and its biodiversity both for us and for future generations.

L’Appel du Rhône aims to raise awareness of the issues related to the preservation of this river from an ecological point of view and to fill the gaps in terms of legal standards, in order to enable the riparian populations and communities concerned to  :

To have the Rhône River recognised as a natural entity with a legal personality

To guarantee it this legal status in transnational law

Ensure a legal framework that will regulate human and industrial activity and enable it to protect itself against destructive activities, while promoting a circular and regenerative economy.

Give everyone, individuals and communities concerned, the means to preventively ensure its preservation and anticipate any irreversible damage to the river and its ecosystems.

Create enforceable rights to defend this status effectively and compulsorily in the event of a breach of its integrity 

Establish the primacy of water as a universal resource essential to our survival and that of future generations.

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